A digital graphic novel by Bradley Samuelson

Sector Four is the central city-state of the robot controlled territory in a distant future where artificially intelligent robots have removed humans from civilization. The humans, who had become so dependent on their creations are forced to live in remote regions of the world. Their only hope to come out of hiding is a network of robots given artificial empathy who are sympathetic to the human cause.

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About the comic...

When humans become so reliant on technology, to the point that artificially intelligent robots decide they can operate more efficiently without them, there’s a bit of a problem. The humans are expelled from civilization by the technology they created.

In an attempt to get back to the prominence they once held, the humans create a network of robot spies to work within the robot civilization. One of these spies is APA-26 (or just 26 to those that know him). After acquiring an upgrade of human emotions, 26 begins to wonder if he’s actually alive and if so, what’s his purpose in life. He tries to “earn” his humanity by helping the humans, but deep down he knows he’s “just a machine”.

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